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The Suspension of Immigration and You: The Next 60 Days

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash

The Presidential Proclamation temporarily suspending immigration into the United States is effective April 22, 2020.

What does this mean for you and your loved ones?

First, the order itself is only in effect for 60 days from the above date. The president has the option to modify or extend the order should he choose within 50 days of the effective date. If he chooses not to than the proclamation will simply lapse and no longer be in effect.

It suspends entry of any individual seeking to enter the U.S. as an immigrant who is:

  1. Outside the United States as of 04/22/2020;

  2. Does not already have a valid immigrant visa as of 04/22/2020; and

  3. Does not have a valid official travel document (such as an advance parole document) on the effective date, or issued on any date thereafter that permits travel to the United States to seek entry or admission.

The following categories are exempt from the executive order:

  1. Lawful permanent residents (LPR);

  2. Individuals and their spouses or children seeking to enter the U.S. on an immigrant visa as a healthcare professional to perform work essential to combating, recovering from, or otherwise alleviating the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak;

  3. Individuals applying for a visa to enter the U.S. as an EB-5 immigrant investor;

  4. Spouses of U.S. citizens;

  5. Children of U.S. citizens under the age of 21 and prospective adoptees seeking to enter on an IR-4 or IH-4 visa;

  6. Individuals who would further important U.S. law enforcement objectives;

  7. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their spouses and children;

  8. Individuals and their spouses or children eligible for Special Immigrant Visas as an Afghan or Iraqi translator/interpreter or U.S. Government Employee (SI or SQ classification); or

  9. Individuals whose entry would be in the national interest.

This order does not apply to individuals already in the United States and to non-immigrant visas (tourist visa, fiancee visa, etc.).

However, within 30 days from the effective date, the president shall review non-immigrant programs and implement necessary changes in order to stimulate the U.S. economy and prioritize the employment of U.S. workers. 

What this last part actually means remains to be seen but we’ll keep you posted.

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